The journey into the self is an infinite destination ॐ

Hi, I’m Zaianna Ortiz, welcome to Journey OM. I've experimented with countless mental, physical and spiritual practices all over the world. Taking from each a new understanding of myself but always understanding a key underlying principle that all which ails us can be solved by starting with ourselves. I believe that self awareness and personal development are together the fourth fundamental human need for survival. In a world tortured unnecessarily by violence on each other and our surroundings, it is a crucial time to begin understanding ourselves in order to bring about the ability to create our own happiness and prosperity.

My aim is to share with you, all that I’ve learned about self awareness in hopes of guiding you into a life of health, freedom and abundance. The objective is not to shoot for any particular goal but to relish in the journey, that in itself reveals our ultimate potential.

I invite you to check out my blog full of personal development tips, as well as upcoming classes and retreats centered around yoga, meditation, self awareness, and global unity.

ZO ॐ

" Life is a Journey, not a destination... "

Events + Retreats

One sure way to explore the boundaries of your potential is by trying new things and getting out of your comfort zone. Join me on the road as I host a series of workshops and retreats around the globe bringing you the newest in holistic health & wellness, exhilarating international adventures and intimate spiritually led yoga and meditation classes. 

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Featured Blog Posts

What is OM? ॐ

According to ancient scripts, the sound “OM" or Aum,is said to be "the seed of all of creation." Just like a single tiny acorn has the immense power and majesty of a big oak tree, OM contains the power of the universe within one syllable. Metaphorically, OM represents the single power of our potential that has existed within us since birth. Journey OM seeks to inspire you to live the life you've embodied all along.

Personal Development

When what you love, what you're good at, and what the world needs are aligned, what occurs is the ultimate you. Using methods of spiritual, physical and mental development we can break through any oppressive obstacles that are holding us back from being genuinely happy and fulfilled. Personal development is the fourth basic need for human survival.

Global Unity

The Journey OM community encompasses all 7.3 billion people on the planet. No race, religion, sex or gender should ever be prohibited from living out their purpose. We gather in parks, beaches, sacred meditative spaces, on yoga mats and around dining tables to form supportive relationships that can allow us to expand our experience of happiness and be the change we wish to see around us as well.